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Forthcoming Delightful Hawaii Cultural Festivals & Special Events Oct – Dec 2017

Forthcoming Delightful Hawaii Cultural Festivals & Special Events Oct – Dec 2017

if you are looking for a reason to go to Hawaii at the end of 2017, perhaps a special festival is the only excuse you need. You’ll find excellent food, music and cultural festivals to enjoy.
If you are planning to go to Hawaii in the upcoming months of 2017, So upcoming special events in Hawaii will make your trip so excited. However, these festivals might be the only excuse that favoring this trip to Hawaii. You know well, it would be even more fabulous than your imagination due to these cultural festivals in Hawaii. Let’s pack up your bags and lets make it happen this time, if you are planning to Hawaii since long.
Let me share with you the upcoming events dates and details links.

Noteworthy Events in Aloha

One of the biggest cultural festivals and events are organized in Aloha. Aloha festivals are comprising on wide area, many of the islands. Here are the links of the Aloha Festivals coming in this month of October and later on this year.

Festivals of Aloha for Maui, Lanai and Molokai
Festivals of Aloha for Hawaii (Big) Island
Festivals of Aloha for Oahu

Date and Schedules Cultural Festivals October – December 2017 in Hawaii


5th – 8th – Maui – 95th Maui Fair

6th – 7th – Molokai – Festivals of Aloha – Opening ceremony start with Molokai Royal Court on 6th. The parade and hoolaulea are on the 7th.

7th – 8th – Kauai – Coconut Festival

7th – 14th – Maui – Festivals of Aloha in Hana – see this link for more information.

14th – Kauai – 29th Emalani Festival Kauai  – Hawaiian cultural festival paying homage to Queen Emma’s journey across the Alakai forest and swamp. This festival features a three-day hula competition. It’s held at Kokee State Park.

20th – 22nd – Maui – Hawaii Food and Wine Festival

28th – Hawaii (Big) Island – Hawaii Food and Wine Festival

31st – All islands – Halloween – Check with your concierge and local newspapers for special events. Also check for special events and trick or treating at local shopping centers. In Hawaii, Lahaina, Maui is known for their Halloween celebration with Front Street becoming one big Halloween Party with a children’s costume parade, family-friendly activities, music and more.

Chefs of the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival post before a gala. Photo credit: Orlando Benedicto


1st – 5th – Oahu – Hawaii Food and Wine Festival

3rd – 12th – Hawaii (Big) Island – Kona Coffee Cultural Festival – A 10-day festival celebrating the world-famous Kona Coffee and the surrounding culture.

10th – 11th – Maui – Hula O Na Keiki – A celebration of children’s hula.

19th – Kauai – 25th Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival “Kauai Style”


1st – Kauai – Festival of Lights opening night

2nd – Maui – Lighting of the Banyan Tree in Lahaina

2nd – Oahu – Honolulu City Lights opening night

Christmas season – All Hawaiian Islands – Celebrate the season with aloha. Special events including music, Santa’s arrival and more can be found across the islands. Pick up the local newspapers for a listing of events. As the time draws nearer to December, we’ll update our Waikiki Christmas and Maui Christmas posts.

31st – New Year’s Eve – Welcome 2018 with celebrations all across Hawaii. We create some of the most comprehensive lists of New Year’s Eve fireworks and events across the Hawaiian Islands. Our lists are currently in flux as we await the announcements of the coming celebrations, however you can take a peek at them now to get an idea of what may happen again this coming season. As the time draws nearer, these lists will be fully updated:

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