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Top 10 most Beautiful Cities to visit in France

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Top 10 most Beautiful Cities to visit in France

France is one of the most beautiful nations of the world and one word to describe it would be romantic. It’s a lover’s paradise with everything that symbolizes and has a history related to love. Here Tourismweb has compiled the list of top 10 most beautiful cities to visit in France.

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1.  Marseille


First and foremost is the City of Marseille. It’s Europe’s one of the oldest city, second largest in the country and a major Mediterranean seaport in the southeast of France. Its main attraction is the Calanques which are many small inlets with majestic cliffs and clear blue waters. Indeed, its one of the top 10 most beautiful cities to visit in France.

2. Strasbourg


Second is Strasbourg, a city near the border of France and Germany. It is the home of the European Parliament along with many other European institutions. There are many historical museums, centuries-old cathedrals, shops and cafes in this town. It is considered as the top 10 most beautiful cities to visit in France.

3. Lyon


The third best place is the city of Lyon, located in the east central of France. The third largest city in France, it is known for its historical gastronomy, architecture and the vibrant culture. There are also many Gothic churches and Roman ruins. Surely a one of the top 10 most beautiful cities to visit in France, as well as a magnificent place to get in.

4. Vincent Van Gogh, Arles

Vincent Van Gogh, Arles-Cafe

Fourth is the hometown of Vincent Van Gogh, Arles. The Roman Amphitheater is the main attraction in this city besides the many other surviving Roman architectures. The theater serves as a venue for many games and special events. Other sites include the Cryptoporticus, the Church of Saint Trophime and the Obelisk. One of the craziest city for the tourists and very popular in France for Tourism purposes.

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5. Loire Valley


Fifth is the Loire Valley located in central France. Its known for its horticultural based beauty including splendid chateaux spectacular scenery, historic villages and picturesque vineyards. The valley also includes the Loire River. Many wineries in this region offer tours as well as wine tastings.

6. Beaches of Biarritz


Sixth are the lovely beaches of Biarritz. A town located near the border of Spain. It’s a seaside resort. Grand Plage is the main beach which is the most crowded of the beaches as well. Another attraction is the Rock of the Virgin, which is a rock formation along the central bay. It is connected to the mainland via an old metal bridge designed by Gustav Eiffel.

7. Bordeaux


Seventh is the city of Bordeaux. If you love historical architecture, ancient sites, fantastic shopping and the arts, then visit this beautiful city is a must. The city contains hundreds of landmarks and historic structures including churches and bridges e.g. the Pont de Pierre. Even modern day plaza’s and buildings have their own unique and attractive charm. Bordeaux is one of the top 1o most beautiful cities to visit in France, let get in there and have a lot of fun 🙂

8. French Riviera


French Riviera (Cote d’ Azur) is a wonderful city that also come in the list of top 10 most beautiful cities in Fracne.., It is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a tourist spot for the rich and famous of the international visitors. The glamor includes the Cannes Film Festival, St. Tropez, and Monaco. There are also many less known destinations as well in this region. This place enjoys a mild to warm climate throughout the year.

9. Mont-Saint-Michel


Mont-Saint-Michel comes at no. 9 in top 10 most beautiful cities to visit in France.. It is a rocky island located in the northwest of France. It faces some of the most powerful sea tides in Europe. It’s well known for the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel built in 708 A.D. by monks. There are many other medieval structures on this island.

10. Paris


The tenth is the capital, Paris. It is the world’s most popular tourist destination attracting millions of visitors annually. A city is known for romantic ambiance and leading in many industries including commerce, entertainment, fashion, gastronomy, and art and culture. There are many iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Arc de Triomphe as well in Paris.

Thank you for reading the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in France, please keep visiting the Tourismweb for adding more tourists attractions and sightseeing in your bucket list… 🙂


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