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Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Germany

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Germany

Germany is located in Western Europe. It is a country with the beautiful landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges and stunning beaches. Germany’s capital Berlin is a home of finest paintings and beautiful scenery. Some cities have beautiful, bountiful landscape and some are famous for tallest skyscrapers. But we have given below Top 10 best places for the tourists to visit when traveling to Germany. Below is the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Germany.

10. Rügen Cliffs


Rugen Cliffs, Germany

The stunning Rügen Cliffs are positioned in the Jasmund National Park in the northeast of Rügen Island. It provides the best opportunity for the tourist to enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax out of the busy life of cities. The Königsstuhl (king’s chair) is the most magnificent piece of the cliffs which is 118 meter (387 feet) high. The Jasmund National Park also encompasses the stunning and the most peaceful forests. Indeed, it is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Germany.

9. Romantic Rhine


Romantic Rhine

The extravagant and beautiful River Rhine’s famous section is the Romantic Rhine which attracts the tourists. The Rhine is one of the longest and beautiful river in Europe. It is running between from Koblenz to Bingen. This beautiful river Rhine runs through vertical chateau sheltered mountains and numberless ruins and ancient castles and for this reason, has a rich heritage and can be ranked in Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Germany.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

8. The Romantic Road



The Romantic Road possesses rich culture and the most stunning scenery. It is the Germany’s most lovely drive. Tourists may enjoy the beautiful castles and picturesque towns with abundant of flora during the trip. The Romantic Road is beautiful, but busy route delivers the most real experience full of history, knack, ethnicity, and natural beauty. These are the reasons for attracting million of visitors annually and placed at Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Germany.

7. Lindau



Lindau is a beautiful and stunning town on Lake Constance in Bavaria, Germany and is famous for its old town, on an island. This is the most beautiful tourist attraction due to its natural beauty, famous restaurant, plentiful market, and has a peaceful and calm atmosphere. The most beautiful bridge connects the city with the mainland. Through a magnanimous trip from Lindau to Bregenz, visitors have the opportunity to climb the Pfander Mountain at Bregenz that offers great views of the lake and above all one may take cruise trips to neighboring harbor towns.




Oktoberfest is a very famous festival in Munich starts at the end of September every year. This famous festival began in 1810. It was started as the celebration of the marriage of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria. In the beginning, this festival began with the horse races but gradually it evolved into a bear festival. In the early years of the fair, horse races were held, then as the event grew, an agricultural convention, which still takes place every fourth year, was added to the program. In 1896, people in the business working with the breweries in Munich built the first giant beer tents at Oktoberfest, and beer drinking has been the primary focus ever since. Today, the Oktoberfest is the most famous beer festival around the globe.

5. Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral is the most famous building of gigantic structure and a hallmark of this beautiful city of Cologne on the Rhine. It is the second tallest structure of Cologne. It took more than six hundred years to complete this stunning cathedral with interruptions. Cologne Cathedral has also been preserved as the world heritage by UNESCO. Cologne Cathedral always has priority in the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Germany

4. Holstentor



The Holstentor is one of the two remaining city gates of the town of Lübeck. Two towered gates are remnants of the old defenses, Built in 1464. This beautiful gate has been declared as a museum since 1950. The Holstentor is the most attractive place for the tourists in Germany.

3. Heidelberg Old City



Heidelberg is a beautiful town on the Neckar River in southwestern German. Due to its stunning Location in the Neckar river valley, Heidelberg is one of Germany’s most popular tourist destinations. The famous Heidelberg Castle is a worth seeing place for the visitors with its stunning valor. The Karl Theodor Bridge also known as Old bridge built on the Neckar River fabricates a stunning view of the city.

2. Brandenburg Gate


The Brandenburg is a mighty and stunning Gate in Berlin. It is an 18th-century neoclassical memorial in Berlin and one of the best-known landmarks of Germany. The Brandenburg Gate is the only existing city gate of Berlin and denotes the reunification of East and West Berlin. The most famous familiar sight of Europe built in the 18th Century once had been a famous nearest landmark of the Prussian Monarchs.

1. Neuschwanstein

Neuschwanstein-Castle- tourismweb


Neuschwanstein Castle is a nineteenth-century Romanesque revitalization palace positioned on a rugged hill higher than the village of Hohenschwangau close to Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany. This stunning castle was built by King Ludwig II in 1886. It is regarded as the most stunning and beautiful ultimate fairy castle. Neuschwanstein Castle is the most famous tourist place in Germany and being photographed more than any other building in the country.

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