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Top 10 Most Beautiful States Of America

The US is the country enriched with the unmatched natural as well as human-made attractions America also has the diverse landscape with world’s most beautiful natural vistas including waterfalls, mighty parks, canyons, skiing resorts, dense forests, picturesque beaches, and much more human-made attractions. The beautiful America is always attracting tourists across the world to look into and explore its natural beauty. Tourists and Travelers are always in a hustle to make or arrange a trip to the world renown country. The locals are also very fond of to explore the beauty of their country. It is hard to rank the top 10 most beautiful States of America, but here we come up with the result for the subject. Listed below is the list of top 10 most beautiful states of America.

10. Florida


Florida is one of the top 10 most beautiful states of America. A well-known state is enriched with wonderful beaches, lovely cities, fantastic weather and featuring lot of outdoor activities for the visitors and tourists. The world’s renown theme parks and the beaches are the significance of the Florida. The Miami Beach and the Disney World are the world famous places in Florida. Apart from these locations the Florida itself is utterly enriched with sightseeing’s. The night on the beaches of Florida state is giving an unforgettable moment in a tourist or visitor life. The visitors and tourists have a lot to do and much to explore in Florida. Indeed a best and top 10 most beautiful states of America.
Here you can also read the top 10 best places to visit in Florida.

9. Oregon


Oregon is a fantastic surface to explore and a dream home of many of the tourists and visitors from all around the world. It is also ranked as one of the top 10 most beautiful states of America. Also the locale best vacations spot in America. Many of the tourists and travelers passionate used to visit this spectacular state and love to explore its beauty. Here are the few best places while the stay in Oregon state.
i) Carter Lake National Park
ii) Oregon Coastline
iii) Columbia River Highway
1v) Cascade Lakes Highway
In fact, the state is a truly a nature gift and must sightseeing during your stay in America. Here are also the top 10 best places to visit in Oregon.

8. Michigan


Michigan is also called the land of lakes because of the many beautiful lakes are present in Michigan. The Michigan is also ranked as one of the top 10 most beautiful states of America. The visitors and tourists feel fresh and out of this world while visiting the beautiful tourist’s spots in Michigan. The unique Pictured Rocks, the wilderness, and the stunning Sleeping Bear Dunes are enhancing the charm of the beautiful state. Here are the top 10 best places to visit in Michigan.

7. Colorado


Whenever the name Colorado comes into mind, it sounds like wow, amazing. The Colorado is the array of beautiful sightseeing and stunning scenery on this earth. The great skiing resorts, the no. of spectacular parks, unmatched cities of Colorado are offering true nature to look into for the visitors across the world. There are the number of vocational spots and interesting sites to explore in Colorado for the visitors and tourists or travelers. The million of visitors and tourists visit the Colorado for looking into its gorgeous beauty. The wilderness of the forests the fantastic mountain sites, the diverse landscape, are featuring plenty of outdoor activities for the visitors or travelers. I must say a must visit state and must be staying place ever you visit for America. You can explore the top 10 best places to visit in the Colorado.

6. Hawaii


Hawaii a beautiful and gorgeous island state of America and one of the top 10 most beautiful states of America. The Hawaii is a state of its own kind, and the deep blue sea water is making it a charming and unmatched beauty in America. The one can only dream of visiting this excellent island place. The dense forests and wilderness and wildlife, as well as aquatic life and diversity of the island, make it a unique among all the United States of America. Many of the National Parks are preserving the true beauty and flora and fauna and amazing scenery of the Hawaii. You can also read the top 10 best places to visit in Hawaii. A must visit, and a must state of the America is Hawaii.

5. Arizona


Arizona is a state of unusual and an array of beautiful vistas and eye-catching canyons. The world’s famous canyons can be found in the Arizona. The state is also known with its nickname the Grand Canyon State. The narrow canyons are giving this state an incredible beauty to explore the canyon sides. Besides the vast canyons, the state also has diverse landscape and gorgeous lakes, extensive deserts and much more to explore. The visitors and tourists across the globe as well as from America love to visit the canyons of the Arizona. Arizona waves are also very famous across the world due to its uniqueness. For more details and explanation, please read the top 10 best places to visit in Arizona.

4. Utah


Utah is no doubt one of the top 10 most beautiful places of America for tourists and travelers. The Utah is also a very famous because of its tourism activities in America. These interesting spots are always busy with the tourists and travelers across the America also with visitors from the other countries. The Utah is also holding thousands of beautiful scenes that are attracting visitors towards itself. The many of the national parks and other utter sightseeing are quite attractive to the tourists in Utah. The main attractions in the Utah are Crossing Lake Powell, Rocky Mountain Basin, and many others. Here you can also read the top 10 best places to visit in Utah.

3. Alaska


Alaska is famous because of its Aurora Borealis a unique light show that has ever seen on earth. The mixture different colorful lights can be seen in Alaska at night time. These lights don’t turn up throughout the air but within specific months. It gives fantastic views for the tourists and nature lovers. The Alaska is also an incredible place for the visitors and tourists the reason why it is also considered as one of the top 10 most beautiful states of America. The snow-capped mountains and the other beautiful mountain ranges are enhancing the beauty of Alaska. The state is gaining million of visitors from America on an annual basis. The Tourism is also the primary source of income for the Alaska. National Forests and Parks are preserving the beautiful scenery and wildlife of the Alaska for the tourism purpose. Indeed a good place to explore and visit. Here are the top 10 best places to visit in the Alaska.

2. Montana


Montana is an incomparable beautiful state because of its diverse flora and fauna and many of the natural attractions. The Montana is very famous for the tourism purpose the reason why it is ranked at no.2 from all of the top 10 most beautiful states of America. The tourists find here whatever they want to see and explore. The glaciers, the full range mountains, many national parks, wilderness, forests, mesmerizing meadows and impressive river valleys and much more. The visitors can have no. of adventurous as well as outdoor activities to do in Montana. The most famous tourist’s destinations in Montana are Glacier National Park, Lawis & Clark Trail, and Yellowstone National Park. Read and explore the top 10 best places to visit in Montana.

1. California


California the always no. One state for tourists to visit and explore and one of the top 10 most beautiful states of America. California is not just utterly filled with the god gifted beauty but also has many of the beautiful and mind blowing human-made attractions. The state is full of stunning natural attractions like mountains, glaciers, deserts, forests, lakes, beaches, parks, river valleys, and many other types of landscapes. The actual tourists and vistas lovers always find themselves relax visiting the California. The nights at California beaches or in the clubs are making the life wonderful for the teenagers. The spectacular views on the mountain sides or by the side of lakes are featuring fantastic and alluring sightseeing to the tourists and travelers. The most recommended site is the California state if you haven’t yet visited it. You can also see here the top 10 best places to visit in California.

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