Top 10 tourist attractions and Staycations in Connecticut

Top 10 Tourist Attractions and Staycations in Connecticut

For those who want to add experience to their lives, Connecticut is the best State to visit. It has many tourist attractions which not only entertain us but also adds to our knowledge. It is a whole of experience, and one can have a great time during their vacations. Here are some attractions which make Connecticut a worth visiting place. Here I am listing down the top 10 tourist attractions and staycations in Connecticut:

  • Mystic Seaport
  • Peabody Museum of Natural City
  • Mystic Aquarium
  • Gillette Castle State park
  • Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center
  • Lake Compounce Theme Park
  • New England Air Museum
  • Weir Farm National Historic Site
  • The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
  • Roseland Cottage

1- Mystic Seaport

Many people have a love for history and ancient articles. But visiting a typical museum is out of the way o many people. It is the place with a classic touch. People visit this staycation due to its unique concept. It is a museum built on an old seaport. The ancient ships of a large historical importance are displayed here. It’s one of the top 10 tourist attractions and staycations in Connecticut as well as a great joy site.

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2- Peabody Museum of Natural City

Peabody Museum of Natural City is located mainly in the Yale City, a great staycation. It adds to the attractions of Connecticut. It is also of historical importance. This museum consists of Egyptian mummies and dinosaurs. It attracts the tourists towards it on daily basis. A one of the top rated staycation in the Connecticut.

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3- Mystic Aquarium

For those who love the nature and want to see it closely visit this staycation very often. The ancient ocean animals are present here and are accessible. There is a lot to look over and explore. It is definitely a great site for the nature lovers.

4- Gillette Castle State park

People are fond of Sherlock Holmes; It has a huge fan following, and great no. of people are visiting it. Gillette Castle State Park is the main attraction for the locals and across the US. This house has the appearance of the medieval fortress from outside. This house is known for the actor who played the role of original Sherlock Homes. People who are fond of films and series do visit this place. Also tourists and visitors can enjoy hiking, picnic area as well as museum artifacts. A well-knonw staycation and among top 10 tourist attractions and staycations in Connecticut, have a look into it closely… 🙂

5- Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center

Moving towards the traditional touch this attraction in Connecticut is fascinating and captivating. This sophisticated center in owned by tribes. It adds a traditional touch to the place. The tribe depicts their culture and traditions. The indoors have films which highlight the life history of Mashantucket Pequot.

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6- Lake Compounce Theme Park

Lake Compounce Theme Park is one of the most interesting and attractive staycation for the locals and visitors. It is the favorite place for children and the youngsters as well. It comprises of almost all the games and rides that children love the most. It is the best recreation spot for families in summers. Locals, as well as tourists, often visit this place. A best theme park in the Connecticut is Lake Compounce.

7 -New England Air Museum

Here is another site adding the traditional touch to Connecticut. It is one of the popular places visited by people. It displays more than 70 aircraft of different varieties. It attracts people towards its attraction, the various air crafts are fascinating, and they add a lot to visitors general knowledge. Mainly youngsters are fond of visiting New England Air Museum Staycation in Connecticut.

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8 -Weir Farm National Historic Site

It was the home of J. Alden for 40 years. He was a country retreat. Weir Farm National Historic Site has a great importance and its top rated staycation in Connecticut. Along with other historic sites in Connecticut, this is also an important place to visit. For those who love history and keen to know more about the influential people of the past mainly visit such sites. Undoubtedly, a great historic site and one of the top 10 tourist attractions and staycations in Connecticut, also adds the beauty of Connecticut.

9 -The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

Connecticut is the state of historical importance across the US. Each tourist attraction in Connecticut carries it own historical background which makes Connecticut a worth visiting state. The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum displays artworks of changing themes. So you can guess its the best site for the art lovers. Enjoy your top 10 tourist attractions and staycations in Connecticut whenever you visit Connecticut. 🙂

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10 -Roseland Cottage

Roseland Cottage is one of the most beautiful places in Connecticut. It also is known as the Pink House. It is national historical importance. Located in Woodstock, it is often used to entertain foreign guests and visitors. Mainly U.S president also loves to stay at this places when he arrives in Connecticut.

Thank you for reading the Top 10 tourist attractions and staycations in Connecticut, keep in touch for more staycations and tourist attractions across the states of US.

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