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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Berlin

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Berlin

Berlin, the capital and one of the largest city in Germany as well as one of its 16 essential states. No doubt it is preeminent universally recognized city for arts, shopping, fashion and much more. Here is a rundown of best attractions and rubberneck to visit Berlin. I am listing down the top 10 tourist attractions in Berlin:


  • Berlin Wall
  • Pergamon Museum
  • Spree
  • East Side Gallery
  • Berlin Zoological Garden
  • Mauerpark
  • Soviet War Memorial
  • Berlin Victory
  • Friedrichstrabe
  • Checkpoint Charlie

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1. Berlin wall


Berlin wall, a wall that delineates the existence of cold war, which was once considered disconnection between loved ones from West but today it has become a dominant eye for the tourists. The older it is, the significance it possesses. A very popular and one of the top 10 tourist attractions in the Berlin, Germany. You can look into the top 10 most beautiful cities of Europe by clicking this link:

2. Pergamon Museum


Pergamon Museum fantastic and implausible place being situated on the museum island in Berlin. The whole structure is subdivided into relic collection, the Middle East museum and foremost museum of Islamic art. Another devastating stunning attraction is Ishtar gate, where thousands of outsiders visits and sojourn the ancient place but this can only be examined when visited.  Pergamon Museum is a highly recommended place to visit and must-see attraction in Berlin.

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3. Spree


A river of Germany which is a part of essentializing the refinement and delicacy of its history and also the beauty of the city. This place is highly valued by the people who come and visit this breezy sound river and get back with relaxation and purity of mind and soul. For sure, a must-visit and one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Berlin.

4. East Side Gallery


A typical vintage spot for visitors who wants to feel the beauty of Berlin with many thought provoking paintings. It aggravates the multi-stratified history of Berlin and makes it worth to visit. Throughout the year numerous visitors come to visit and feels the rampage. East Side Gallery is a popular tourist’s attraction in Berlin, a recommended place to visit in Berlin.

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5. Berlin Zoological Garden


An oldest and huge zoo of Berlin with a grumpy noise of animals. But cleanliness at its high peak more over easy to navigate, good enclosures for every animal. A bit prices for edibles but that’s to be expected. A very useful site for the students who are studying zoology. A must-visit and one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Berlin.

6. Mauerpark



One of the favorites’ of all, this park conglomerates different happening at one time like numerous bands playing, foodie lovers running after their desired food stall, jugglers playing their part in bringing people to life, artisanal crafts presenting their work which can’t be seen In any street market. Moreover, this place is into its full form during summers and spring.

7. Soviet war memorial


Super thrilling and notable memorial to the Soviet soldiers in WW2. Very cool to walk around and take pictures while also serving as a very sobering reminder of both the extreme size and power that the Soviet Union used to have and also of how much of a role they played in WW2. The one who is desirous to take good photographs should visit this historic place during sunset! A well reputed memorial in the Berlin, Germany..

8. Berlin Victory


Indeed a top 10 tourist attractions in Berlin as well as one of the archetypal and stereotypical monuments in Berlin. A way too pricey due to its magnificent, splendid and sumptuous structure if wanted to see till the top but when view from top your money will not me wasted as it is much prettier to see from the height, and you feel and see the greatness of home ground. Due to this, great no. of tourists visits this place annually. A must-see  tourists attraction and a recommended place to visit in Berlin.

9. Friedrichstrabe


One of the few surviving station which emulates the distinctive collection of cultures. A kind of place must not to be left unvisited. The iconic wrought iron work is pro-founded to last with character. However, still, it is photogenic as it is surrounded with bronze statue built in the memory of those who lost their lives at this junction.

10. Checkpoint Charlie


No visit to Berlin is complete without a visit to Checkpoint Charlie. A place which brings back you to originality so highly recommended for visitors to visits to overwhelm the substantial purity and beauty.

Here I have completed the list of top 10 tourist attractions in Berlin, please keep in touch with Tourismweb, and see more recommendations and tourists attractions. Thank you!

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