Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Chicago

Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Chicago

Many of the known poets have listed Chicago as the city of big shoulders. People who are fond of traveling and like to visit places of very different and exciting views keep Chicago on their checklist. I have listed down many beautiful places for both youngsters and families. The best resorts and restaurants are here. Visiting Chicago is one of the best experiences one can have. Here are the top 10 tourist attractions in Chicago, one should always visit whenever he/she check in Chicago.

  • Shedd Aquarium
  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • Skydeck Chicago
  • The Field Museum
  • Grant Park
  • Magnificent Mile
  • Cloud Gate
  • Chicago Lakefront Trail
  • Chicago Cultural Center
  • Chicago Botanic Garden


Shedd Aquarium

With million of visitors every year this place is on the top of the list to visit. As it is an aquarium, it attracts the people who have an aesthetic sense. Nature lovers are very much attracted towards this place. There are peace and solace at this location. The best attraction here is “Aquatic Show.” Many animals are seen performing different moves and tricks. The tourists can see about 3200 different aquatic animals living in around 80 habitats.

Art Institute of Chicago

It was considered as a top museum in the world by the tourists in 2014. For those who love art step in here like it is home to them. This place is known for its attractive masterpieces. Many learned people visit this place every year. That is surely one of the top things to see in Chicago. Tourists devote their whole day in visiting this place. It has many beautiful buildings. The Modern Wing which is newly open is very likely visited. It constitutes the artworks of modern times.

Skydeck Chicago

Skydeck Chicago is the tallest building in Beckon hemisphere. From the top, you can see the best views of Chicago. As it is named, it is a sky-kissing building. People who are fond of visiting high places surely add this to their route. There are edge glass boxes in which you can stand and see the best views ever. Those who have a tender heart avoid this place. The boxes even help you to see the views more clearly. Skydeck is the top rated staycation in Chicago and visited by many tourists every year.

The Field Museum

Here is another place to see the art very closely and one of the best staycation in Chicago. Indeed it is one of the best museums in the town. People who have a taste for art do visit this place. A fantastic staycation is equally visiting by locals and the foreigners and individuals across the USA. It has the specimens which are almost 4.5 billion years old. Shortly, this is your passport to go back to time and see how it was billions of years ago. It has some masterpieces of art as well that will amazed you. One should surely visit this place to add to their information and knowledge about history.

Grant Park

Grant Park is the tourist attractions most frequently visited by the tourists as well as locals. It is considered as the front yard of Chicago. People visit this excellent park often in the evening to take a walk and relax. The children equally like the beautiful place. They find enough space to run and play. This place is full of life. This place is also known for its flashy spectacles and public art. It is one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Chicago as well as among staycations.

Magnificent Mile

If you visit Chicago, this place should be your primary spot. The Magnificent Mile is always a perfect site for the shopping lovers. The reason why it is mostly crowded with females. Whether it is clothing, jewelry or toys it is the best place to stop by and grab all of them. It has all the stores and brands you have been hunting for shopping. If you visit Chicago, don’t forget to check-in at this place.

Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate is one of the top rated staycations in Chicago. It also is known as ” the bean.” It has now become the Chicago’s iconic sculpture. People visit this place as it is mandatory to see the icon of Chicago. It has a traditional touch which attracts the foreigners towards it. It is very shiny so it can also be spotted as the best picture spot.

Chicago Lakefront Trail

Lake Michigan makes Chicago one of the beautiful places. It surely adds the beauty of Chicago and a great staycation for the locales. Moreover, the Chicago Lakefront Trail around it provides the best of the views. For the nature lovers, it is the best to place to check in. It is very calm place in the whole city. The attractive view of the lake adds to the charm. One can relax and have a short walk around the lake. There are many beaches, parks, and gardens which make it worth visiting. Chicago Lakefront Trail is undoubtedly a one of the top 10 tourists attractions in Chicago, and nice staycation.

Chicago Cultural Center

Another popular tourist attraction and a staycation is Chicago Cultural Center. It is a combined treat for art and culture lovers. This place is the best display of Chicago’s culture and art. Films, dance, contemporary art exhibit, theater all such things add to its beauty. People are fond of this place as they found everything under one roof. Indeed a best and one of the top tourist attractions in Chicago and an awesome staycation.

Chicago Botanic Garden

There are many crowded and houseful staycations in Chicago, but if you want peace and clean air, this is the best staycation to visit in Chicago. Chicago Botanic is very close to nature. It has butterflies, flowers all such things make you feel very close to nature. There are many thousands of flower species present in Chicago Botanic Garden. An awesome location which will soothe and entertain us.

Above are all the top 10 tourist attractions in Chicago or the best staycations in Chicago, thank you for reading. Keep in touch with Tourismweb for more beautiful tourist attractions and staycations.

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